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Cloudsome provides a beautiful and straightforward interface for you to monitor your services in real time. Our feature-rich and yet simple system will win you over.

Instant alerts

Get notified instantly via SMS or Email whenever any of your services experiences downtime.

Multiple monitor types

Monitor a page or a TCP port for response time. Ping a host or post data to a form.

Public status page

Keep your users up to date on the status of your servers 24/7/365 with your public status page.

Monitor from multiple locations

Monitor your services from multiple geographic locations. Compare load times based on access locations.

Unlimited contacts

Create and notify as many contacts as you like using SMS or Email. Disable alerts for specific contacts any time.

SSL monitoring

Monitor your website's SSL certificate 24/7/365 and get notified when it gets close to expiring.



$ 0 /mo

10 uptime checks

5 min. check intervals
No SMS alerts
3 Contacts
No Public status page
30 days of logs
Checked from 1 location
No SSL monitoring
More SMS credits can be added any time

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Advanced Features

Check out some of our advanced features for more complicated setups.

Send custom headers

Specify custom port to check

Specify successful HTTP codes

Post data to your page

Check for specific string in response

Set time after which to consider your host down

View and analyze detailed logs of your services' responses

Use our daterange-enabled graphs for more advanced analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get SMS alerts on a free account?

Yes, you can. SMS credits can be purchased any time without upgrading or downgrading your subscription. So you can be on a free plan and still be notified by SMS about your servers' status.

I did not receive an alert when my website wend down.

It's important to test any new contact you create. When you add a new contact, click on the 3 dots next to it to drop down a menu and then click on "Send a test alert". Make sure the contact receives those tests before making them a point of contact for a monitor.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Absolutely! There are no long-term contracts here. You're free to cancel whenever you want, even though it would be very sad to see you go.

Why is my website showing as down from only one location?

The nature of computer networks is such that at times routing problems will prevent a host from accessing another host in a different part of the globe. If that happens, just be aware that your website is not accessible to a particular geographic area. In most cases it's a temporary issue.

Cloudsome reports my site is down, but it's not.

In most cases, this occurs when the HTTP response coming back from the website does not correspond with what you entered as successful HTTP responses. It's an issue easily resolved. Please consult our knowledge base.

What if I need help setting up my monitors?

We have a fairly extensive knowledge base to help our customers with any technical challenges. Also our support staff is at your command, you can always contact us with any questions.

Happy Customers

Join thousands of satisfied customers around the globe who use our service.

Charles M.

Super user friendly, easy to set up, really cool interface. I ended up upgrading my account to a paid one the same day. Great service. Thank you.

London, England

Ganesh S.

We have many web form pages that cannot ever go down. We use Cloudsome to keep and eye on them. So far so good, no downtime, but we still love the peace of mind Cloudsome provides.

Houston, TX

Mike K.

Your user interface is so far superior to any other uptime serivce on the market, it's not even close. I pull up the page on a big screen and watch it in real time. Keep up the great work.

Perth, WA, AU

Jose F.

James, my support rep is the man. Really helped us out showing how to monitor our mail servers.

Tijuana, MX

Jeremy B.

We have a data center with hundredts of hosts to be monitored. Cloudsome helps us do that.

Seattle, WA

Preet M.

I have tried every other uptime monitor out there. Cloudsome is by far the easiest to use.

New York, NY

Nikolai T.

I send expensive traffic to my site. I must know when it's not online. And cloudsome sends me alerts when it's down.

St. Petersburg, RU

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